Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese
If you want to eat Italian dumplings (gnocchi) but not the classical one, just made with potatoes, but something a little bit different with the taste of chestnut this is the perfect recipe.
I called this type of Italian dumplings Tocchetti because they don't have the classical shape of traditional Italin dumplings that are made with a fork but they are simply pieces of dough with square shape. These types of dumplings are made with chestnut’s flour, potatoes and pumpkin and the seasoning is made with the Italian cheese Asiago. The Italian cheese Asiago is produced in the town of Asiago and there are two types according to its aging: the fresh one that is smooth and the crumbly one for the aged cheese of which the flavour is reminiscent of Parmesan. In this recipe I used the fresh one for its sweet taste and its smooth consistency.

1 kg of Potatoes
300 g of Flour
200 g of Chestnut’s Flour
200 of Pumpkin in pieces
1 Egg
150 g of Asiago Cheese cut in pieces
40g of Butter
Leaf of Sage


COOKING TIME: 15-18 minutes

WINE: Novello (Red Wine)

Boiled the potatoes with peel

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

and cook the pieces of pumpkin in a pan with two spoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

When the potatoes are cooked, peel and mash them in a bowl together with the pieces of pumpkin.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Put on the table the mixture of potatoes and pumpkin together with the flour, the chestnut’s flour and the egg

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

and begin to knead until you obtain homogeneous and soft dough, this take about 8 – 10 minutes, if the dough is too soft you can add a little bit of breadcrumbs.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Divide the dough in parts and roll each one in order to obtain a sort of longs sausages thick as a finger. Pay attention to have always enough flour on the worktable in order to not attach the dough to it.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Cut each long sausage in small pieces of 1 cm length that we can call “tocchetti”. Sprinkle tocchetti with flour and place them on a tray.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Let salted water boiled, put on it tocchetti and cooked them until they come on the surface. In the meantime prepare the seasoning, put in a pan the butter with the leaf of sage,

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

when tocchetti are cooked drain them and put them in the pan with butter and sage, add the Asiago cheese and let it melted.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese

Serve hot.

Tocchetti Dumplings with Asiago Cheese



The Food Hunter said...

chestnut flour gnocchi sounds awesome!

Italian delicatessen said...

This looks like a great recipe.

Laura Cooking said...

Wow! Where i can find "asiago" in Ireland?

Viji's Food Recipes said...

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restaurants in framingham said...

this is very new to me... i am a big fan of the classic gnocchi... i will definitely try this recipe out... thank you :)

Lauren said...

I recently discovered gnocchi and I absolutely love it! So when I saw this recipe I knew that I would have to try it! Italian Recipes are the best! I mean how could you go wrong with pasta and sauce! I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes. While I don't cook that much when I come across great recipes like this I have to cook. I cannot wait to make this tomorrow!

mommymia said...

Long time lurker here - just wanted to say I really appreciate all the effort you put into taking your photos to accompany the recipe - most sites just show you the finished product.

I did have trouble finding chestnut flour though - do you make your own?

Dinetonite said...

That looks deelishuss! Will definitely be serving this at my next dinner party.

Italian Pasta Recipes said...

There is only one thing good about Gnocchi - they taste incredible. Gnocchi recipes allow for huge variation and versatility as shown in your recipe here. The pumpkin and chestnuts would add a very unique savory taste that can be served up at a variety of occasions.